Python task views aim to provide guidance on which python packages are relevant for tasks related to a certain data science topic

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Welcome to Python Data Science: Task Views

Task Views is a collaborative open source project that aims to provide guidance on which python packages are relevant for which data science task.

Python versus R versus Julia overview

While Task Views are dedicated exclusively to Python data science tools, the project is inspired by the R ecosystem CRAN views. A side-by-side comparison with R and Julia packages available for data science helps identify important sub-domains where Python may currently lag. The overview is available in two formats:

Task views aim to outline which packages could be included (or excluded) in a certain project to achieve certain functionality. They are not meant to endorse the “best” package for any given task.


Anybody who has good knowledge of python data science tools used in a specific domain is welcome to contribute to the knowledge base. Similar to CRAN, we want to have a small number of moderators per topic to help organize the content and ensure it is a high quality resource that adds value to all users.

How Does it Work?

Each Task View lives in a separate file hosted in this repository. Those files are automatically displayed in a Github Pages website

Task Views

The initial proposed list of python task views mirrors the CRAN set. Over time this may develop to reflect more accurately the grouping of tasks in the Python universe